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They will stand when they have 17 or higher. Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games played all over the world. The wager is the same amount as your first bet. The Gold variations on the other hand offer higher bet limits and even better 3D graphics and animations. At the same time, players must know how many decks of cards are in play, since the playing style and card counting system needs to be adjusted to facilitate the number of decks being used.

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Therefore we advise you to see our top casino list for Blackjack online. We are able to locate the best online casinos for playing blackjack and to answer important questions that the casual player asks to himself, like where can he find a specific blackjack variation, which are the best US online casinos for playing blackjack, etc.

Below you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions FAQ similar to those. Drake Casino might be a relatively new U. The casino operates under a license granted by the Curacao Gaming Commission.

Their weekly bonuses, quick payouts, and experienced support teams show their commitment to ensuring their members are given the red carpet treatment from sign up to cash out.

Drake is definitely one Casino that U. Even with a plethora of new casino games emerging in recent years, the game of Blackjack has remained just as popular as ever, having continued to captivate casino players from all corners of the globe. And while the original version of the game is available at just about each and every website, different variants of the popular casino classic can only be found at specialized casino rooms.

If you are a real Blackjack enthusiast, then we invite you to play your favourite game at the websites displayed in the online casino ranking, with each of these venues featuring a good selection of Blackjack games and even special bonuses and promotions. Is real money Blackjack online legal? If yes, then find a licensed online casino. A real-money online blackjack game is as legal as the online casino that offers it.

The randomness of cards combined with strategy and luck have made this one of the most exciting and popular games in the casino.

To begin you choose an amount to bet to get dealt your blackjack hand. The dealer then gives you and any players at the table two cards, facing upwards. The dealer himself has two cards also, but only one of the dealers cards is face up. When you are playing online you choose how much to initially bet and then click the deal button. Once the hand begins, here are your options:. Hitting — A player can draw as many cards as they like in their quest to try and make blackjack.

Double Down — You can double your original wager and get 1 additional card only. You are required to stand after they receive their third card. Splitting A Pair — Splitting pairs can only be done when you are dealt a pair. This option allows you to split your pair into a second hand.

The wager is the same amount as your first bet. Standing — You are satisfied with your hand. Insurance — If the up card of a dealer is an Ace or a 10, you can buy insurance.

This is a safety net against the dealer having blackjack. In the case where the dealer does make a blackjack, the player still loses the initial wager but this insurance bet has a payout of 2 to 1. You can accept or reject the offer of insurance. But those casinos that do offer it, when the dealer has an Ace or value up card, the player can choose to surrender and forfeit half of their wager before the dealer checks his hole card. In early surrender games, which are sadly dying, the player gets to retrieve half of their original bet even when the dealer gets blackjack.

You can also try our free online Roulette version. Free Blackjack Instructions Click on the chips to bet your preferred amount. Click the "Deal" icon to see your hand.

Choose between 'Stand', 'Hit' or 'Double' to win the game. Learn the ropes and strategies by playing Blackjack online. The rules of blackjack are simple enough to understand: The challenge lies in knowing when to hit , when to stand , when to double and when to take insurance.

A basic Blackjack strategy is enough to get you off to a good start.

Free Blackjack Instructions

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