Blackjack Knives. Older and Newer!

They are made almost exactly to the same standards. Finger Groove Green Canvas Micarta handle. Started by Larry W Leek Jul 6. Originally Posted by TNrifleman. If you want sturdy unobtrusive good-looking working companion knives, we got 'em. English Choose a language for shopping. John Kellogg commented on Ellis H.


BlackJack Knives

The panga is a work horse. Blackjack in Effingham was owned by Mike Steward and went out of business in Blackjack is now only a brand name not a company. The brand is owned by Blue Ridge knives. The Effingham and new ones are excellent.

Effingham knives have become very collectable. Originally Posted by 54Woody. Unless I'm mistaken, I believe I heard somewhere that he also was responsible for making the early knives that came out of the re-established Marble's knives, i. At one time, Randall used O1 for his carbon steel blades and B for his stainless blades. You will like the I believe when Mike S. Mike is on the Blackjack forum on Kniveforums. I have collected about 18 Effingham Blackjacks in the last couple years and it has become as addictive as collecting Savage 99's.

My wife refers to them as my "Eff'n Knives". I actually have two of the original Trailguides. Mine, and the one my father bought at the same time. I brought my fathers home after he passed away. I've spoken with Mike a time or two on the phone, pleasant guy and always willing to talk to customers Print Thread Switch to Threaded Mode. Black Wood handles with Brass Double Rivets. Stainless Steel Finger Guard. Comes with Black Nylon belt sheath. A-2 Tool Steel 58rc.

Green Canvas Micarta Handle. Natural Canvas Micarta Handle with Aluminium pommel. Stacked Leather Handle with Aluminium pommel. Black Canvas Micarta Handle. Antique Ivory Micarta Handle. Natural Micarta handle with Aluminum guard and pommel.

Comes with Brown Genuine Leather belt sheath. Black Micarta Saber handle with Aluminum guard. Finger Groove Green Canvas Micarta handle. Finger groove Black Micarta handle. Finger groove Natural Color Canvas Micarta handle. Contoured Black Canvas Micarta handle. Black Canvas Micarta handles. Handle has finger ring and machined hole cutouts. Comes with Genuine Leather neck sheath.

Last reply by Jan Carter Dec 26, Love to see and hear about any of you with Effingham and pre-Effingham Blackjacks. These are the knives that put Blackjack on the map! Where did you find them? Was it a deal, or one of those knives… Continue. Last reply by Carl Newton Jul 23, Let's see some shots of your treasured Blackjack Knives!

Older collectables, newer purchases, using them, displaying them Since someone "tried" to sharpen my Wasp and completely messed it up, I am slowly re-profiling mine ouch to make it a usable edge once again, and since that will pretty much kill the collector value, I guess I will have a very expensive boot knife.

So, there I was, sitting in the Chat Room I know, right?? Who'd a thunk it?? Just at that moment, my kid heads up to the mailbox to check what's there. Jan asks me if I've received anything yet. I figured she meant the knife sharpener that I am waiting very patiently for. I didn't think I should be waiting for anything else.

Silly me, I believe him. Says alot for my kid's education, huh?? A day with a surprise parcel is almost always a good one, right??

What I wasn't expecting was this Never heard of them I'll admit, fingers were kinda shakey! And to my utter amazement, I behold this! A Blackjack I never even knew existed! Hog, that's your cue!

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