9 Adult Birthday Party Games You Can’t Party Without

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Adult Birthday Party Games

It was a fun cake idea. Everybody loved the cake and the real Mariachis thought the cake was a hit. I'm in the same boat, but you might like these ideas. How about gifts specifically focused to his hobbies? A "boat" party with corresponding decorations? The invitations ask guests to bring a gift relating to boats. Print the invites in the shape of a boat or a life vest. Include a list of boat items as potential gift ideas. Not everyone knows what goes with a boat.

If you go with a jet ski theme hold the party at a lake. Help us celebrate at Lake Woebegone! How about combing the two? For entertainment I bought a variety of karaoke tapes, oldies, country, Motown, about 5 altogether and the idea is to involve everyone. You sing a special "love" song to your husband. If you're going to use this idea you need to write a list of all the songs so guests can choose which one they like make several copies and the words in large font should be available as well.

This can actually be a lot of fun. Blind fold a guest and have them pick contestants at random. There's some good ideas from different people. At first the comments were slow and coming, then I had people tripping over themselves to be the next to stand up and "Roast" my husband.

This went on for over 2 hours. It was a blast. When brother and his wife both turned 30, we threw them a Hogs and Heffers party because they recently bought Harleys.

Everyone had to come dressed in Harley Davidson gear or something close to it. It was a lot of fun getting dressed as something different than your average themed parties. I've had a couple of great themed parties. They both worked really well. A children's birthday party for big kids was great fun.

We all dressed as our favourite children's character and played games that we hadn't done since childhood, pass the parcel, musical statues, etc. Ad The other great success was my superhero theme.

My husband doesn't "do" fancy dress so he came as Clark Kent turning into Superman. All he needed was a Superman t-shirt, his shirt pulled open, glasses and his hair slicked down. It was a great look. Have fun whatever you decide. Sounds like everyone has a question about 30th's and no suggestions.

A flag football game at a park for a football enthusiast. Have a hot dog vendor, and cotton candy machines for kids. Have cheerleaders, a score board and keeper, and even announcers following the plays. Play a half-time movie on a projector screen or funny super bowl commercials. Have everyone come in their favorite jersey and bring pennant flags especially for those who don't want to play flag football.

Have a trophy for the winning team and "team" photos taken. For the grown-up who likes to dress up, but doesn't have any idea what to do once dressed up: Everyone can have a part and you can get ones that don't require tapes to listen to which are lame.

For the poker enthusiast: A new club in Las Vegas is opening up and you're invited. Have card tables, dealers in shifts, fun drinks, good prizes for the most chips taken or a buy-in with real money if people are serious and cigars and chocolate. Put a karaoke machine in the corner for those who don't like playing cards and make sure you have a lounge area for the ladies especially.

If you have a hot tub, put a small fountain pump in the middle of it and surround it with plants, turning it into a water feature. For the tropical enthusiast: For the theatrical birthday kind, have natives or pirates invade the party. Pirates could be looking for a treasure chest that is buried somewhere on the beach. Natives could want a bit of your dinner in return for some hula lessons or tribal dancing. Everyone can dress in normal to fancy evening wear and come with a mask.

If they don't have masks, consider putting up a small station where people can make masks see your local craft store for items. If you're loaded, have a wandering violinist and good food. If you're not loaded, play some enchanting music. Make sure to have a spot for guests to see themselves in mirrors and take pictures.

For the golf enthusiast: Have an old fashioned golf party either at a golf course or simply at a park. Set up several golf putting games and have prizes and an announcer. Put out shade tents and serve lemonade and finger foods. Everyone can dress in 40's golf dress such as knickers and long skirts. It looks great and everyone has a blast. For extra fun get some golf tees or golf balls or visors printed with your own special message.

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Adult Birthday Party Theme Ideas

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