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Learn more about SupremeFX A. They use merging icons, earned and interacting bonuses, and also matching lines and reels. DRAM overcurrent protection Onboard resettable fuses protect all connection ports and DRAM modules against overcurrent and short-circuit damage, extending your motherboard's life. Some of the machines are worth trying just for the peek at that bonus! The results are combined into an algorithm that allows Sonic Studio's virtual surround to process sound true to life. Apply customized audio settings to different applications, so everything you do is perfectly tuned to the way you want to listen.

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Gigabyte isn't as flashy as the other top-tier motherboard manufacturers, but the Aorus Z Gaming 5 punching way above its midrange weight class. All-out performance isn't the typical forte of the Aorus line, which strikes a balance of features and style alongside absolute number chasing, but the Gaming 5 acquits itself well in that area nevertheless. Testing reveals more modest limits, but the and G. Skill and Corsair DDR4 kits ran without incident. Processor speeds are similarly impressive, almost topping the 5GHz barrier.

Gigabyte does cut a few corners, like with the 1x1 This motherboard wants to spend its day gaming in a nice windowed case rather than be tinkered with all day on a workbench. For most gamers, this isn't a problem. If you're planning a tight build take note: There have also been reports of loose VRM shielding from users in support groups and elsewhere, although this wasn't the case for the sample tested here, so keep an eye on build quality before the return period is up.

It sheds the armor plating for a bare-it-all retro look that back-to-basics rig builders will love. Clad in simple black and silver, with just a touch of RGB lighting along the right edge, it looks sharp and supports almost any color combination you toss at it. Audio is less impressive, with the older ALC codec that's a step down from the latest tech. The H chipset doesn't support overclocking or higher memory speeds, but that doesn't hold the TUF Pro Gaming back in real-world testing, where it holds its own in gaming evaluations against more expensive Z boards and overclocked system configurations.

Networking is also robust, with Intel v Ethernet paired alongside an Intel 2x2 It's a dense set of features, but the Strix ZI's clean design makes for quick system assembly and configuration. Just be sure to install that bottom-mounted M. There are also a few sharp headers, so be careful to avoid involuntary blood donations when installing the board in a tight case. The motherboards recommended in this guide all received extensive research and evaluation, including enclosure installation full tower, mid-tower, and ITX where applicable , performance benchmarking, stability testing, and a follow-up period of real-world break-in usage that focuses on gaming, entertainment, and media software.

When possible, all tests are performed with the same components installed to remove any variables except the motherboard itself.

We also research the entire field of Z motherboards and narrow the list down to the best, most competitive boards before choosing each round of boards for the guide. The real-world break-in period encompasses office and creative work, media streaming, and gaming with a variety of demanding titles like GTAV, Total War: Gaming tests are run at p at medium to high settings to remove any bottlenecks caused by graphics card performance.

When relevant, both single- and dual-graphics card configurations are tested to ensure motherboard stability in SLI and Crossfire situations.

Core iK Core i Including the category winners listed above, we also tested the following motherboards. Some of these represent a reasonable alternative to our primary picks, and a good sale can be the difference between mediocrity and excellence. Here are the boards we've tested in alphabetical order. If you're going for maximum performance and overclocking, with a great set of features as a bonus, the latest iteration of the Maximus Hero line delivers.

It's fast, looks good, and only costs slightly more than good midrange boards. The Strix ZE Gaming has a good feature set but comes up short on features compared to the midrange pick from Gigabyte, which features an extra M. It's also too close in price to Asus's own Maximus X Hero on the high-end, and for just a few bucks more that board offers better performance and style. Our budget pick packs a great feature set, including the fastest Wi-Fi of the bunch. This bargain basement board seems to cut corners in the places wrong all.

Yes, that's a joke. Low USB port counts, poor overclocking results, and low-grade audio make you wonder what happened to Asus's storied Prime and Signature lineups from past chipsets. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of our terms of service.

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