What does slot 1 and 2 mean? I'm confused!

This is a modified firmware for the DS. Legendoftheskies , Oct 17, It includes an open-source SDK, in-game menu save-states, in-game guide and soft reset , customizable skins, multilingual support, an Action Replay cheat engine, hardware-based anti-piracy circumvention and three-in-one expansion support. Apr 9, Messages: Can anyone please help me with this problem??

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Not much information is available on the product. It was available in Japan only because it only picks up 1seg broadcast signals.

Sold at an online Nintendo shop in Japan. It works with all DS and 3DS models. The activity meter is a pedometer included with Personal Trainer: Walking also named "Walk With Me".

It communicates with the DS using an infra-red transceiver built into the top of the Meter and one in the end of the game cartridge, meaning it works with all DS consoles. Its only display is an LED which changes its colour and flashing pattern once the user reaches their daily step goal; all other information has to be viewed by transferring it to the Nintendo DS cartridge. The device stores the last 7 days of detailed activity statistics, and the last 60 days of total step counts.

There is a clip built into the Meter's battery door allowing it to be attached to a person's clothes or a dog's collar; a flat battery door without the clip is also included. The Meter was available in various colours to allow them to be distinguished. The device comes bundled with the games.

The adaptor bears a superficial resemblance to the AM3 player which allowed playback of pre-recorded movie files from read-only memory cards on a Game Boy Advance ; the memory card slides into the right hand side of the adaptor, which then plugs into the cartridge slot of the parent console.

This is a wireless Bluetooth keyboard used to learn how to type quickly and accurately. The keyboard can be put into its "pairing" mode and thereby connected with other hardware by holding "Fn" while switching it on, including the Wii console. The Guitar grip controller comes packaged with the game Guitar Hero: On Tour and is plugged into the GBA game slot.

It features four colored buttons just like the ones that can be found on regular Guitar Hero guitar controllers for the stationary consoles, though it lacks the fifth orange button found on the guitar controllers. The DS Guitar Hero controller comes with a small plectrum -stylus that can be put away into a small slot on the controller. It also features a hand strap. The grip is required in order to play any of the Guitar Hero: Datel manufactures the Max Media Dock , this allows you to access, store and run media content from CompactFlash cards.

It can accept cards up to 8 GB in size. This tool also lets people use DS homebrew. DS homebrew is software written for the Nintendo DS handheld games console by hobbyist programmers.

Manufactured by Taito , the paddle controller was available only in Japan. It was sold both as a standalone and bundled with Arkanoid.

The paddle controller is a miniature version of the arcade knob controllers first made popular with Pong. In addition to Arkanoid, the paddle controller is also supported by Space Invaders Extreme.

Despite being available only in Japan, the controller is compatible with versions of the Arkanoid and Space Invaders Extreme released in all regions.

It must be used in combination with an Action Replay DS. The software also provides means to analyse the dump for example to search for specific values, changing or static values. Through this process locations for specific values can be found, commonly health, ammo or time. These can be altered by the action replay code language to create custom cheats. I put the thing back together about three times until I got it right. Now my son is happy and we didn't have to buy another DS Lite.

He did have to wait to play it though for a week after it was fixed for his punnishment trying to work on it himself. My son had twisted the copper pins into a mess in the original socket by jamming something in there. Carefully desoldered the original socket and removed it from the board, and then carefully put this one on. Since it's fine soldering work, I had to rely on tinning the tip of the iron and using just that amount to attach each wire.

After reassembling his DS it worked as good as new. That was a couple of years ago from the time of this review.

It's still working great! This card reader was missing a pin out from the original card reader removed from the system. This missing pin made the card reader completely worthless. I also had to trim the plastic to make it fit into the DS lite. I figured it was just a quirk but now realize the card reader sent was the wrong card reader. Perfect replacement for the older DS, replaced for a friend as her children thought it was beneficial to blow into the game slot to make the game work better, and when that didn't seem to work they licked inside causing corrosion.

Works like brand new! Prongs are really thin. The replacement socket works, however I have reservations about it's quality. Once installed I realized that it's a bit rough to insert the game cartridges. It feels and sounds like the metal contacts are scraping at the cartridge contacts. I dealt with the company, which was accommodating and sent a replacement for my part, but the new one was the same way. The design isn't nearly as nice as the stock socket, and I think that it's adding more wear to the games, but for now it does the job.

My son was happy to get the part, but the problem is that he boo booed in his efforts to repair his DS system and it went bye bye. Also to, the part came a lot earlier than what was said. Thank you for that Mr. See all 16 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published on May 5, Published on October 8, Published on August 7, Published on June 7, Published on March 28, Published on January 26, There's a problem loading this menu right now.

I have managed to get the migrate option and pal park to work in 0. I have proper sav files of gba games. If you can't figure out how to download 0. I got the emulator desmume 0.

So, this is how I did: But make sure that the GBA rom you inserted has atleast 6 or more pokemon deposited on the PC, and also make sure that you have. Hey people, if there's anyone else out there who still loves to play Pokemon, please help me answer this question. I would really appreciate it! I just beat the game and got the national Pokedex, and I want to migrate the three Regis from Pokemon Emerald so that I can catch Regigigas. I use VBA version 1. I followed exactly what spectreMonkey said in his post.

I used the Action-Replay code that he gave, because I couldn't get the Pokepatch v4. Upon selecting it, I got this message:. There may not be a file saved, or the save file may be corrupted. And another thing, can someone explain what the "Dongle Method" is? I don't really understand it. Thanks in advance for anyone else awesome enough to still like Pokemon hahah. Ok, so I feel like an idiot because I overlooked a tiny little thing: My save file didn't have the same name as the GBA file, which is required.

It asked me if I wanted to migrate, and told me that the Pokemon can't be transfered back, and blah blah blah. And no matter how many times I try it, it won't save, and so I cannot migrate.

Can anyone please help me with this problem?? I don't know if it was ever fixed before or after 0. But I would like to add, it does seem kinda buggy because it seems to either fail or pass the saving of the nds and gba game at random.

Yeah well I have tried it multiple times, and no matter what I do, it doesn't save.

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