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In , they meet on a cruise ship heading to Buenos Aires — Max is a charming employee of the cruise line, hired to dance with the single female passengers. Mecha is travelling with her husband, but he likes to watch while she dances the tango with Max. Almost a decade later, in , Max and Mecha meet again on the French Riviera. The two meet again in the present, Mecha is the mother of a chess champion, who is competing in an important match against the current Russian champion.

Even in old age, Max is cocky and confident, able to con his way through any circumstance. His world is cinematic like an old black and white movie, and he carouses through life as a vaudeville character. The novel bounces through time, jumping from one meeting to another.

The disjointed temporality is unsettling, but it does show causation between each time period, and expose why things happened the way they did between Mecha and Max. Max compares his relationship with Mecha to an adjourned chess game, in which both players are constantly second-guessing their next move. And yet love has nothing to do with all this. The strength of What We Become is in its detailed descriptions of lush settings and rich, elegant parties.

It is the glamorous luxury of old Hollywood combined with the excitement of exotic locales. They are two very flawed, troubled characters who spend their lives searching for love. While they make a connection immediately, they are unable to trust and therefore cannot make their relationship work over time. When they are reunited in the present, both couples are faced with a climactic event that shakes their relationship to its core.

For Deb and Keller, it makes them stronger — their love is stripped to the basics and they learn what really matters in life. For Max and Mecha, current circumstances pull them apart, and they realize that their love may have been based on excitement and danger all along, with no real basis.

And while both novels are large in scope, My Last Continent also delves into the minutiae of life, the details that make a real love story. Both novels were strong, and I recommend both for summer reading, but for me, My Last Continent was a much more enjoyable read that I connected with on a deeper level.

Some books, like this one, make people share big thoughts. Because special books like these never make of a review an easy thing. It was elementary for me to start with this short intro, because I feel this review must be as well given as this book was to me and made me feel.

And I felt absorbed. So should this review, from the moment I thought of delivering it, rise to the height of this beautiful written work. El Tango de la G Some books, like this one, make people share big thoughts. El Tango de la Guardia Vieja is a book masterfully built in details. The reader is so skillfully introduced to the times and the places and characters of the story, that they themselves feel part of every scene thought-out as a descriptive masterpiece.

The insertions of action-taking place then and now, surprisingly interleaved to maintain the plot alive and revealing, capturing the parallel between the start and the sequels, make the storyline finer while placing connections between the key episodes.

Exquisite and splendid figure, Max dances to the tango tunes, elegantly inviting women to dance inside the fancy saloon of the luxury ship, where well-to-do high society would gather in the evenings. There he meets Mecha Inzunza de Troeye, a millionaire woman, wife of Armando de Troeye, famous composer at the time. She dances tango with Max on many occasions, and they complete each other brilliantly in a lacework of steps, very compatible together and responsive to each other in the ask-reply or serve-receive kind of tango teasing.

The allure of the woman is splendidly described by Perez-Reverte through the eyes of Max, who observes physical details of her, details that bring him in a state of pure pleasure and delight. Details that outside feminine beauty, reveal also a dangerous attraction to her very expensive authentic pearl necklace she used to wear and match with her glamorous, usually backless outfits.

Because yes, this is what Max was: He is now an employee of Swiss Dr. Hugentobler, chauffeur and a respectable man with a respectable occupation, away from the old habits. While in Sorrento in the car, Max Costa experiences strong heart emotions one day when before his eyes, a trio crosses the street. He notices in the gestures and smile of a now aged lady, similarities to a silhouette of a woman he might have known in the past. He is dazed and in an attempt to temper his state, he is mostly sure of one thing that scares him as scattered images appear to haunt his mind.

The woman laughing colorfully with the couple crossing the street, is no other than her, Mecha Inzunza: The tranquil times of the Sorrento period come after decades of incertitude and living at risk, yet paradoxically prudent.

Max survives living in circumstances of no decent challenges, when persecusion in Europe in the interwar period was causing fear and migration here and there.

Despite the dishonest nature of his fraudulent professional skills, he has fine manners and the fact of being handsome and fashionable and always finding the right words, saves him from many situations of doubt. He builts an identity for himself that readers will approve and digest. Toward the end of the book, the interesting part is when Max finds himself caught in a position he never anticipated coming. Eine Frau, ein Mann, ein Tanz und drei Begegnungen. Meine ersten Gedanken zu diesem Buch waren: Nein, das wird es nicht.

Es sind noch immer ein Mann, eine Frau und ein Tanz, aber verpackt in eine interessante Geschichte rund um den Tango und Schach. Auf dem Schiff begegnet er einem bekannten Komponisten und dessen Frau Mecha. Stets mit dabei ist der Ehemann, der nach Inspiration sucht. Das Leben hat sie gezeichnet. Die Geschichte ist rundum gelungen. Die Beschreibungen sind teilweise sehr detailliert, so dass man sich auch gut in die verschiedenen Zeiten hinein versetzen kann.

Ich fand beides manchmal zu detailliert beschrieben, so dass die Passagen etwas lang wurden. Die Konkurrenz zwischen den Schachspielern bzw. Riveting novel that takes the reader from Buenos Aires to Nice to Sorrento, not necessarily in that order. I enjoyed the way the author moved back and forth in time and place rather seamlessly - there was a certain grace in the movement between time and place, fitting given the tango theme. Handsome, suave and charming but penniless Max Costa encounters beautiful, rich, enigmatic and married Mecha Inzunza aboard a ship sailing from Europe to Buenos Aires.

They tango…the encounter continues brief Riveting novel that takes the reader from Buenos Aires to Nice to Sorrento, not necessarily in that order. They tango…the encounter continues briefly in Buenos Aires. Perez-Reverte keeps the thrill going as he endows Max with the trails of charm, likability and the ability to treat people - regardless of their stature - with grace and respect - despite being a scoundrel.

I thought the ending of the Sorrento encounter fell flat and the book may have stretched out a bit. But overall a good, fast-paced summer read that, for the most part, kept me on my toes wondering how it would end.

What We Become is the story of two different kinds of scoundrels who keep getting caught up in their own schemes, though there is always the hope that this time will be different Read the rest of my review at A Bookish Type. I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley for review consideration. Perfect book to read at airport and on plane. Had I read this book at home I think I may have found it slow. For my travel needs, however, the pace was appreciated, taking me into the atmosphere of the 's and allowing me to accept the portrayal of a "gentleman thief" who was no gentleman.

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