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Miami Dolphins on Sept. Rijos fled to Italy where she was gave birth to twins fathered by Florence taxi driver. She took the bait. Buffalo Bills on Dec. Marketing Press Advertise With Us. The division appears to have an emerging threat in Buffalo, which made the playoffs last year, but so did the Dolphins the prior year before fizzling out.

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Initially the attack appeared to have been a robbery gone wrong with Rijos suffering non-life threatening injuries as well. The case gained national US media exposure after Dateline NBC reported on the incident and what may have led up to it. Initially an employee of Anhang's was wrongly accused and put on trial. Rijos fled to Italy where she was gave birth to twins fathered by Florence taxi driver. Italy blocked extradition back to the USA. Flash forward four years where Ms. Rijos was apprehended while traveling through Spain on a stopover at the Madrid International Airport.

It was the father of her late husband who used private detectives to track Ms Rijos down in Italy after an innocent man had been jailed for the murder and later released. The Winnipeg Free Press had also reported on the brutal murder of Abe's son. Adam Anhang, who also owned what was then the Wyndham Vieques Resort later the W Hotel , had met with his estranged wife in Old San Juan that late afternoon believing the two would be discussing terms of a divorce. Instead, she had lured him into a death trap.

A portion of that pre-nup would play an interesting role in Anhang's wife's ultimate capture as it later turns out. In , a federal grand jury indicted Ms Rijos on two murder-for-hire related counts after the man suspected in his murder came forward and confessed. Alex would do what he had to do," the signed confession reads. By this time, however, Rijos had already fled to Italy. In a bizarre twist, private detectives learned that Rijos had approached the Florentine Jewish community where "she was embraced by the Jewish community as a widow with two children.

Kansas City Chiefs on Oct. Green Bay Packers on Nov. Minnesota Vikings on Dec. Buffalo Bills on Dec. New York Jets on Dec. View the discussion thread. The Miami Hurricanes come into Week 5 vs. The LA Rams come into Week 4 vs. Now, Tampa Bay will seek to convert another win from ambivalent odds and turn that double victory into a glorious threesome. Skip to main content. Marketing Press Advertise With Us.

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