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Our Pai Gow table seats up to 6 players. In September of , Kay "Mrs. Pure Chocolate Indulgence Gift Shop. We pride ourselves on our entertainment value to your guests. The excitement builds until the familiar bugling sound of the race starting. So i thank LA Casino Rentals for doing a great job!

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Is having fun a big part of what you want to achieve at birthday parties? Do you want all your guests interacting and socializing? The history of casino games — part one. People have been wagering money since the beginning of time. Archaeologists have found gambling paraphernalia dating back to BC in ancient China, and references to […].

The history of casino games — part two. As we learned last week, gaming is something that dates back thousands of years. Indeed, people have been gambling their money, property and more for as […]. A ramble through the past 11 years. Having spent almost 9 years on cruise […]. Birthday Party Theme In Perth. Many party planners are […]. Blackjack" also passed away. His death was expected and peaceful. Blackjack Company continues to run in their honor.

Blackjack Company with the same standards, care, and pride as Bill! The best feature, and our strongest point, is that all our professional dealers not only deal the games, but they can also teach the game to novice players. We pride ourselves on our entertainment value to your guests. Today we continue to bring our Las Vegas style gaming experience into all sorts of events. We do small, one table events all the way up to huge parties. Let us make your next event something special and talked about by your guests for a long time!

Come down and check out a Mr. Blackjack Company casino night for YOUR next social event or to just help support another fundraising organization.

Just call our event coordinator Holly at to get a date, time and location.

Why is a casino themed party the best bet for your event?

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