North Carolina Gambling Laws and Online Options

In more recent years, efforts to regulate gambling have been somewhat more contentious. Laws like these began to pop up all over the state over the next few decades, with a mish-mash of cities, counties, and other municipalities having different rules for their operation. It is not legal at this time to own or operate an online casino within the borders of North Carolina. The result was a tie, with Lieutenant Governor Bev Perdue casting the tiebreaking vote in favor of establishing the lottery. These brands have optimized themselves for mobile gameplay and use responsive technology to render images that will fit to scale on any device.

North Carolina Gambling Laws

Are Online Casinos Legal In North Carolina?

Federal gambling laws do not prohibit its citizens from visiting said sites and allows states to regulate their own gaming platforms or outlaw online gaming altogether. This means most US players can legally participate in online casino gambling, except for citizens that live within the state of Washington. These online brands offer the most secure network for players from North Carolina to gamble on.

We only recommend online casinos that have passed our quality and security assurance tests and standards in order to provide the best online gaming brands in terms of value and safety.

This list features casinos that are completely legal and regulated by international gaming agencies. North Carolina has a deep involvement with gaming, liquor, and legislation regarding the two. What once was known as a hide-out frequented by the infamous pirate Blackbeard who was no stranger to booze and games, to the lawless land that ran rampant with illicit gambling before and during prohibition, North Carolina has changed its handle on gaming over the years and we explain it here.

In , gaming restrictions began as debts over pounds were marked off as non-recoverable. British currency was the target of these write-offs. In , public gambling was banned, and loss caps were placed on private gambling. In , state loosened its anti-gambling grip and permitted public gambling if it was taxed. In the s, gambling ran wild, civilians purchased raffle-like lotteries, and gaming remained unregulated. Later there would be a nationwide ban on all forms of gaming until the early s. In , the Cherokee Indians began offering bingo games without permission of the state.

After this the IGRA was federally formed to permit gaming on tribal land. In , the Cherokee natives negotiated a compact with NC to build a casino. In , video poker machines were limited to 3 machines per property due to abuse in number of gaming machines present per establishment in the past. In , NC approved of a state-run lottery and in , the NC lottery had its first drawing.

In , the state was tired of the general defiance of its 3 video poker machine per establishment limit and thus banned video poker machines all together. By , Tribal casinos were permitted to offer class III games which involved table games and card games. In , a bill to legalize daily fantasy sports circulated and is still being discussed. There are little gaming options available to young adults within North Carolina which is why we feature legal online gaming destinations that Old North State residents can participate on.

These sites present various real money games from table games to slots, jackpots, keno, craps, and more. To register and play on these online casinos patrons must be at least eighteen and from North Carolina. Many other online casinos do not accept American players especially ones as young as eighteen. Remember to use verified and recommended online gaming casinos to ensure smooth registering, gameplay, and payouts. The online gambling sites you see listed in this guide have all been vetted and approved by professional online gambling analysts.

When it comes to online gambling in the United States, one particular site rises above the competition.

Players love the site because they can play real money casino games and also bet on sports all under 1 roof. They also love the fact that getting paid is a fast and easy process. Bovada doesn't make you jump through all sorts of hoops just to collect your winnings like so many other sites do. As a matter of fact they've never missed a payout in all the years they've been in business. It is not legal at this time to own or operate an online casino within the borders of North Carolina.

This means that you will not find any state license online casino entertainment available in North Carolina. It is not illegal to participate in online casino gaming at a legally licensed online casino that is regulated and located outside of United States. The online casinos that we recommend on this page have all been vetted by industry professionals to ensure that each business listed is operating legally within the industry.

We have verified that they hold of the proper credentials to demonstrate that they are legitimately licensed, compliance certified and regulated.

They each employ a sophisticated security profile to protect the sensitive data of their customers. We have evaluated each site through an intense review process to determine their legitimacy and quality.

US based online sports betting is illegal across the country according to the Federal Wire Act. This being the case there are definitely not any state licensed online sportsbooks available to North Carolina citizens. The good news is that there is a handful of legally licensed and regulated online sportsbooks located offshore that gladly accept bettors from North Carolina. Like the situation with online casino gambling, it is not legal to own or operate an online poker site in North Carolina.

The fact that there are no state licensed online poker rooms does not eliminate all options for North Carolina residents.

The gambling laws in NC do not criminalize online poker activities that take place at licensed and regulated online poker sites located offshore. This means that playing poker online at a legitimate international poker site does not violate state laws, nor does it violate any federal laws. We have provided a list of recommended online poker sites that accept players from North Carolina and I have been vetted to ensure they are legally licensed and regulated and offer a premium online poker gaming experience.

The minimum legal gambling age in North Carolina depends on what type of betting is taking place. Participants in the state lottery and bingo games must be at least 18 years of age in order to play. There are no age limits for charitable gaming activities. A minimum age of 21 years old is required in order to participate any type of brick and mortar casino gambling. As far as online gambling is concerned, players can legally play at 18 years old and up.

If any state was going to arrest somebody for gambling online we would expect North Carolina to be the one. However the state has not gone in this direction and there have been no cases of law enforcement arresting, investigating or trying to prosecute anyone for gambling online.

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