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Full-body massage with add-ons or couples foot-and-body massage at. They use Microgaming for their blackjack. However, if you track the cards between these announcements you will sometimes see the same card twice, which is impossible in a single-deck game, assuming you believe them about when they shuffle. Some people believe that Microgaming has a "take down" mode in which the player will lose like crazy for a period of time. Video 1 Video 2. Bukofsky is an excellent writer, whose 'hold-your-hand' style makes it easy for the reader to master, sequentially, the skills needed to become a successful player.

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Chicago , IL United States. Katy , TX United States. Bethlehem , PA United States. By durk86 in Off Topic. By smmix in Poker Advice. By chriswx in Poker Advice. By ActionJeff in Poker Advice. PocketFives does not recommend playing online poker on sites offering rake-based games in the United States, except on state-licensed sites in New Jersey , Nevada , and Delaware. We understand your frustration with the current situation, and that frustration is shared by many of us in the poker community.

We hope to have positive news soon regarding online poker regulation in the remaining U. Nonetheless, gambling was forever changed. Devising and then deploying mathematical formulas to beat the market, Thorp ushered in the era of quantitative finance we live in today.

Here, for the first time, Thorp tells the story of what he did, how he did it, his passions and motivations, and the curiosity that has always driven him to disregard conventional wisdom and devise game-changing solutions to seemingly insoluble problems. An intellectual thrill ride, replete with practical wisdom that can guide us all in uncertain financial waters, A Man for All Markets is an instant classic—a book that challenges its readers to think logically about a seemingly irrational world.

Along the way we learn important lessons about the functioning of markets and the logic of investment. Powerful Profits From Blackjack. Royer provides a wealth of tips and step-by-step techniques for enhancing the casino gaming experience and becoming a more knowledgeable and more successful player. With methods proven on casino floors around the world, he guides you through the basics of blackjack, from knowing when to split cards and when to stand pat to the finer points of betting for maximum success.

Powerful Profits from Blackjack can increase your odds of winning and getting more enjoyment from every trip to the casino. Here are just a few of the valuable tips you'll learn: Also includes a card-size Modified Basic Strategy that you can copy print and carry with you Why you should never split 10s—except in some Blackjack Tournaments The importance of "soft hands," and why casinos hate them How the number "17" can make or break your hand Why all blackjack games are NOT the same How to find a casino that offers you the best chance of winning And much more!

Play Like The Pros: Blackjack gives you the best odds of any casino game, and armed with a little know-how, you can obtain an advantage. Let veteran blackjack player and expert card counter John Bukofsky show you how. So you want to be Rain Man but just can't seem to instantly divide eight zillion by your shoe size?

No problem--neither can the world's best blackjack players. But what they can do is work some simple techniques to increase their chances at the one game that already offers better odds for winning than slots, craps, roulette or any other.

John Bukofsky explains all you need to know--from the basics of game-play and strategy to card counting at the professional level--so you can actually gain an advantage over the house. When playing blackjack one of the most favorable situations arises when you have the opportunity to double down. When you double down you are allowed to double your bet after receiving your first two cards. You then receive one card only on your hand. Most casinos will allow you to double down on any two cards.

Some casinos limit your doubling to hands that total ten or eleven. Doubling on any two cards is a favorable rule to the player. Another favorable rule is doubling after splitting. Take a look at how these rules affect the house edge. If you are playing a shoe game with eight decks and can double on anything, the basic house edge is Double on 10 and 11 only -.

By using basic strategy, you know when you should double down. The reason that doubling down is so favorable is that you are doubling your bet when you have the best opportunity of beating the dealer. Most of the time this is when the dealer is at his weakest. This happens when the dealer shows an up card, which can possibly cause him to bust. Many computer simulations have been run to determine the frequency a dealer will bust based on his or her up card.

Take a look at the table below. The worst cards for the dealer are the 2 through 6. They will bust more times with these cards showing. Your double down will be successful more against these cards. There are other situations where you will double down with a ten against the dealer's nine or an eleven against a dealer's ten.

These are close calls and some newer players hesitate to do this. Although you will not be as successful with these plays as many times as when the dealer has a smaller card, it is still the correct strategy to do so. In the long run you will win more money by doubling in these situations than you will lose.

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