How to Become a 911 Dispatcher in Las Vegas, Nevada

Dispatchers who work at PSAPs must complete approved telecommunicator courses. The National Emergency Number Association is an organization which works across the country for the standardization of emergency contact services. NAED-certified ETC Instructors maintain their certification through meeting minimum teaching requirements and recertification exercise requirements. A basic telecommunicator program is about 40 hours, or one week. Home Careers Resources Contact Us. Unsuccessful candidates may retest after 30 days by contacting Human Resources after 30 days has lapsed, providing their data entry score is still valid.

Step 2. Apply for a 911 Dispatcher Job with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

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Eligible candidates must be an APCO international member in good standing and must be dedicated to seeking ongoing leadership and services in the field of public safety communications. One of the most popular certification programs through NENA is the Emergency Number Professional ENP , which is designed to establish a benchmark of performance for the emergency dispatcher profession.

Individuals can take ENP exams four times a year winter, spring, summer and fall at computer-based testing facilities throughout the United States and Canada. ENP certification is valid for a period of 4 years, and re-certification is achieved by completing a number of emergency communications activities, including participation in public safety conferences, emergency communications activities, and participation in NENA committees and public safety advisory boards.

The International Academies of Emergency Dispatch IAED offers a number of training and certification opportunities, including the Emergency Telecommunicator certification, the Emergency Medical Dispatcher certification, the Emergency Police Dispatcher certification, and the Emergency Fire Dispatcher certification, all of which have become standards for dispatcher training. Coursework in this certification program includes:.

Department of Transportation, among others. Upon taking the approved EMD course, candidates must complete a question written examination and achieve a score of at least 80 percent. Certification is available for a period of two years. The three-day course includes class participation, simulated and actual calls, and a variety of hands-on teaching methods.

Upon completion of an approved EFD course, candidates must complete a question written exam and score at least 80 percent. To begin the hiring process as a dispatcher with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, complete an online interest card to get more information on becoming a Dispatch Specialist Trainee. You will be notified regarding job vacancies and training opportunities.

Some of the skills you must possess in order to successfully perform your job functions include:. The National Emergency Number Association is an organization which works across the country for the standardization of emergency contact services. You should consider joining this organization and becoming active in advancement of the field of emergency communications.

In order to be best prepared to enter the field of dispatch there are several professional certifications that you should consider obtaining. There is a significant need for qualified personnel to take these positions in the Las Vegas area, in part due to the following: Las Vegas is home to , people, approximately 20 percent of the population of Nevada.

Las Vegas has a crime rate which is well above the national average. The crime in the city has made it less safe than 82 percent of American cities.

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