You can easily opt out in the Configure Start Place page. Roblox optimizes server fill for me: Your game server will be setup in seconds after payment. Now, not to rehash how much that sucks it does, unfortunately we'll just have to accept it for now , what I'm looking for is a discussion on how others have handled this. It will not just randomly kick people when you try to join.

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Ready for me to install. I highly recommend CitadelServers ". Overall, the service offering is consistently good. It seems that the only time I ever need support is when the time comes to renew services - but then the support is at all times truly exceptional - fast, accurate and successful.

In a word - Excellent". Quick, knowledgeable responses and to the point. Excellent up time and customer service all-round. This was resolved very quickly as usual by the support team. The sign of good service is how quickly problems are resolved and on this point CS scores highly.

They are forever there to help and I can feel their smiling faces coming through their emails no matter how trivial my question seems to be. Great company to be with. What I do in these circumstances is ask the player to wait, then use BF2CC to add the player nick to the 'slots'. This change will effect immediately without a server or game restart. Then ask the player to retry the logon. Be aware that the entry into the 'slots' absolutely must have precise syntax without any clan prefix.

Also its a good idea to add it to the profile reservedslots. I have added the names into the reservedslots. The only names to be reserved would be those in the clan, I am more worried about other people who try to connect which encounter the "server has experienced an error" message" as it creates a bad impression. Nothing that can be done Im afraid BF's reserved slots is just poor. Frenzy, well that message is because the server is full You only need one, maybe two at most.

Remember when someone joins into a reserved slot then that slot gets freed up for the next person as soon as any player leaves i. The number of reserved slots doesn't need to equal the number of people on your list. Pvp is enabled so you may still tourcher eachother.

Originally posted by piyrez:. View Profile View Posts. To breakeven they need to have high minimum slots. Just doesn't make any sense when someone with a dedicated box is offering. I can always just set you up with some space on my box and you can pay me monthly. Originally posted by Moosah:.

Tearl View Profile View Posts. I've been looking at the Nitrado service The price is right, though. Does anyone else have any experience with Nitrado?

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