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Use our Payback Pal tool to compare game paybacks at various NJ gambling sites. New Jersey mobile sports betting is finally here! When did NJ's legal online casinos open? Generally speaking, continuous shufflers afford players slightly better odds, at the loss of the ability to count cards. Because we want you to know the difference between a genuine New Jersey online casino review and something less genuine, here are the points you should be looking out for:.

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This advantage of when a dealer stays on 17 will decrease as the number of decks increases. As mentioned, most sites will reshuffle after each hand or after a very small percentage of the shoe is dealt.

Generally speaking, continuous shufflers afford players slightly better odds, at the loss of the ability to count cards. Splitting is when you are dealt two of the same cards in value. You can then split the first two cards you were dealt into two separate hands. Can you split aces more than once? Rule of thumb is always to split aces.

Doubling down is when you can double your bet on the first two cards you have without going over. Ten and eleven are considered the best hands to double down on. New Jersey mobile sports betting is finally here!

The first sportsbook to launch a mobile app in NJ was DraftKings. Read our in-depth guides to all of the games offered by legal online gambling sites in New Jersey and learn what casinos offer what games. You can find hundreds of unique titles for slot play at NJ online casinos, including many popular titles from the casino floor and a wide array of progressives.

Blackjack at NJ online casinos tends to be a better deal than live blackjack thanks to the more favorable rules and ability to place smaller bets. Get more value and play more hands online.

Craps can be an intimidating game, but online craps makes the action easy to learn and understand. Learn the game for free or with small bets and good odds.

Learn more about the variants available and where to play them, and where to find the best paytables. Play roulette, blackjack, and more with live dealers while placing smaller bets and getting better odds than at many casinos. Hands down, the average odds for popular games like blackjack, craps, roulette, and many other popular games are simply better than average online.

Use our Payback Pal tool to compare game paybacks at various NJ gambling sites. There is virtually no limit to the amount of games an online casino can host. And instead of going from casino to casino on the boardwalk or marina, you can hop from site to site in seconds. Unlike shady offshore gambling sites, the sites we list at PlayNJ are completely legal.

They are regulated by the same agency — The Division of Gaming Enforcement — that regulates the casinos in Atlantic City. And all of the online gambling sites we list are operated by, or in partnership with, an Atlantic City casino.

Learn more about how legal online gambling came to New Jersey below. The bill had broad support in both chambers of the New Jersey Legislature. As a result, it passed the Senate and the Assembly Online action officially launched on November 26, New Jersey taxes online gambling revenue at a rate of 15 percent of gross gaming revenue.

Additionally, Atlantic City casinos are required to reinvest 1. All gaming servers for online casino and poker play must be in Atlantic City to comport with a requirement of the New Jersey Constitution that gambling only take place within Atlantic City. Online casino and poker action is available to anyone that is physically located in New Jersey at the time of play.

There is no residency requirement. The first is to generate tax revenue for the state. Online gambling has already proven quite adept at this goal. Until Atlantic City casino revenue has fallen every year since The dealer receives one card up and one down. The first step involves the dealer checking for a blackjack.

This only occurs if the dealer is showing an ace or a ten-value card. If the door card is a ten-value card, the dealer will peek to see if there is an ace in the hole.

If the dealer has an ace, the hand ends immediately. The player loses unless he also has blackjack. The player and dealer having blackjack in the same hand results in a push. If the dealer is showing an ace, he will ask for insurance. Players may bet half of their wager to insure the entire amount.

If the dealer has blackjack, the insurance pays This creates a push. If the dealer does not have blackjack, the insurance bet loses and the hand continues as normal. Insurance has a house edge of 6.

European Blackjack does not deal the hole card until after the player has acted. This means that the hand will play out before insurance is paid. A player dealt an ace and a ten-value card is paid If the player and dealer both have blackjack then the hand is a push. A player satisfied with his point total may stand at any time. No more cards are drawn. A player that wants to draw a card hits.

Players can hit until they choose to stand or go over A player may double his bet and take just one card. This can only be done on the first two cards dealt. The player must keep the dealt card and may not draw any other cards. A player dealt a pair may split the two cards into two separate hands. This requires double the original bet.

Most games allow players to double down after splitting. Aces may only receive one card on each. An ace and a face in a split hand are 21, but not a blackjack. Surrender is folding on the first two cards. New Jersey Online Blackjack. Best online blackjack in New Jersey.

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